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Saudi investment firm Hevolution invested $20 million in US firm
Saudi family offices of Watar Partners co-invested $700 million in New York food business
Dubai Investors of Oraseya co-invested $5.5 million in Boston firm
Abu Dhabi Investors of IMI co-invested $158 million in UK firm The Very Group
Saudi VC Prosperity7 led investment of $14 million in Chinese firm
Dubai Investments acquired stake in UK digital bank Monument
Saudi investors of Aramco Ventures and consortium invested $20 million in US firm
Saudi investors of Aljazira and consortium invested $350 million in US firm
Bloomberg article on Silicon Valley VCs frantically looking for investment from the Middle East
Dubai Panthera Capital and consortium invested $22 million in Indian startup
Qatar investors of QIA and consortium acquired stake in German software firm for $400 million
Saudi VC firm Prosperity7 led investment of $35 million in Hong Kong firm
Saudi investors of Sanabil and consortium invested $52 million in US jobs app
Three Middle East investors among 18 investors helping Musk Twitter buyout
Dubai Vy Capital and consortium invested $675 million in Elon Musk transport firm
Dubai Exotix Advisory and consortium invested $11 million in Finland firm
Qatar investors of QIA and consortium acquired stake in UK checkout.com for $1 billion
UAE investors of Cianna Capital acquired stake in US firm Graphite for $15 million
Dubai Tahseen and consortium invested $2 million in Latin American firm OlaClick
Dubai VC firm Millennial Capital invested in US firm Blue Studios
Dubai family office Kattan and a consortium invested $3 million in UK firm Uptime
Dubai venture capital firm Sahra and a consortium invested $11 million in UK firm Qredo
Saudi venture capital firm Prosperity7 invested $25 million in US firm Wasabi
Bahrain investment firm Investcorp acquired London Investis Digital
Dubai VC firm Millennial Capital invested in San Francisco Unifimoney
Dubai venture capital firm MindShift invested in US firm OtoNexus Seriec C
Saudi venture capital firm SAEV invested $50 million in US firms Seeq
Saudi venture capital firm RVC participated in $21 million investment in UK firm
Abu Dhabi venture capital Chimera invested in Dutch startup Zoi Meet
Dubai angel investor Paul Roy firm invested $2.5 million in Los Angeles Rogue Games
Abu Dhabi venture capital IHC invested $51 million in UK firm Oxford Nanopore
Dubai investors of Amanat invested $5 million in US ed-tech firm
Dubai investment firm Wamda acquired stake for $5 million in agro-fintech Turkish startup
Abu Dhabi investment firm Waha Capital invests $50 million in Argentina online business
Dubai Vy Capital and consortium acquired stake in US financial firm for $40 million
Dubai TS Investment and consortium acquired stake in Korean firm for $14 million
Dubai VentureSouq and consortium acquired stake in US gaming company for $2 million
Saudi Arabian firm acquired Ukrainian farming company Mriya
Qatar investors acquired stake in US cancer treatment firm for $40 million
Saudi investors of PIF to invest $1 billion in US car maker Lucid
Bahrain Investcorp acquired German business campus for nearly $100 million
Dubai firm DP World acquires $50 million stake in Virgin Hyperloop
Saudi family offices announced investing in cryptocurrency firm Vertex ICO
Dubai firm acquired Denmark logistics company for $762 million
Saudi family office of Alwaleed Bin Talal acquired 2.3% stake in Snapchat for $250 million
Dubai investors of ICD acquired 25% of Italian firm CAI
UAE investors of Crescent Enterprises invested $16 million in US MedTech firms
VC arm of family office Almajdouie Holding invested $1.4 million in Trukker
Saudi family office of Bugshan acquired stake in a blockchain startup for $820,000
Investment Corporation of Dubai invested $30 million in Ohio nanotech firm
Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures invests in California FogHorn Systems
Dubai venture capital firm co-invested $7 million in New York firm Wahed
Qatar investment firm purchased Beverly Hills office building for $177 million
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Super Return MidEast 2017 for the 10th year
Dubai private equity firm invested in cinema operator Cinepax
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Zurich private equity event
Dubai venture capital firm invested in Singapore online travel company
Dubai venture capital firm invested $700,000 in fintech company Now Money
Bahrain Investcorp announces its first real estate investments in Europe for $45 million
Qatar firm QSTEC acquired 49% of German solar company SolarWorld
Saudi investment firm and a consortium acquired stake in San Francisco blockchain firm
Saudi family office of Abuljadayel acquired stake in UK media firm The Independent
Dubai private equity firm acquired casual dining firm Java House for $100 million
Saudi investment firm SAEV acquired stake in Irish firm OxyMem
Arab Angel family office fund acquired stake in California firm NuEyes
Dubai family offices of Al Serkal and Al Ghussain acquired stake in online firm Bloovo.com for $3 million
Bahrain investors acquired Nordic firm ABAX for $210 million
Dubai investors of GII acquired stake in Canadian firm Nymi for $15 million
Dubai firm acquired 51% of fashion website Namshi for $151 million
Middle East Investors Directory 2017 Released - 501 investment firms and 693 contacts listed
Qatar family office Alduwaliya acquired Birmingham One Eleven Edmund for $29 million
Gulf Capital acquired majority stake in e-commerce platform Sporter
Middle East investors acquired Amazon's largest UK distribution warehouse for $76 million
Dubai private equity firm invested $50 million in South American home designer
Dubai deVere Group acquires private bank in the Caribbean
Dubai investment firm acquired California shopping center Poinsettia Plaza
Abu Dhabi venture capital firm acquired $105 million stake in US private jet firm
Dubai investors of Delta Partners led investment of $20 million in Knowlarity
Dubai angel investor Bhatnagar acquired $1 million stake in Indian firm HealthifyMe
Dubai investment firm AGC to invest $322 million in a luxury Greek resort
Bahrain investors acquired stake in Spanish firm Agromillora
Dubai investors of Enspire acquired stake in Swedish firm Plantagon
Saudi family office of Tamer and consortium invested $160 million in French firm Sigfox
Dubai investment firm acquired stake in digital music service Anghami
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Super Return MidEast 2016 for the 9th year
Saudi family office Al Sanie invested $7 million in travel website HolidayMe
Dubai investment firm acquired stake in Mexican fashion footwear company
Bahrain investment firm Mumtalakat acquired stake in UK firm Envirogen
Dubai firm dnata acquired Thai travel company Destination Asia
Bahrain investors acquired UK cybersecurity firm Nebulas
Dubai investment firm acquired stake in food franchiser Cravia
Saudi investors of PIF acquired stake at US firm Uber for $3.5 billion
Dubai venture capital firm Turn8 launched $60 million VC fund
Qatar Mayhoola investment acquired French fashion brand Balmain for $522 million
Bahrain investors acquired European cyber security firm Coresec
Qatar private equity firm QInvest acquired asset management firm Portfoy
Middle East investors of Rasmala acquired Abbvie House in UK for $35 million
Middle East investment firm EIP and consortium acquired UAE firm for $17 million
Investment Corporation of Dubai acquired Montenegro waterfront development
Abu Dhabi firm Waha Capital invested $76 million in New York listed firm AerCap Holdings
Saudi venture capital firm RVC led investment of $17 million in Swedish firm
Saudi venture capital firm SAEV invested $10 and $25 million in two US firms
Dubai investor Alabbar invested $112 million in Italian online business YOOX Net-a-Porter
Dubai investment firm led investment of $150 million in Indian online business BigBasket
Middle East Investors Directory 2016 Released - 471 investment firms and 677 contacts listed
Abu Dhabi investors of GII acquired Airbus office complex in UK for $42 million
Dubai's Al Habtoor Family Office acquired UK hotel Hilton Wembley
Bahrain private equity firm acquired Colorado real estate for $85 million
Dubai venture capital firm Wamda Capital invests $1 million in The Luxury Closet
Qatar private equity firm QInvest acquired 16 property retail portfolio in Germany
Middle East Venture Partners raises $30 million to invest in startups
Abu Dhabi firm ADFG invested in Montenegro Capital Plaza
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Super Return MidEast 2015 for the 8th year
UAE firm to invest $8 million in Canada listed firm First Mexican Gold
Dubai EIIB Rasmala expands real estate investments and acquired property in UK for $18 million
Dubai Nexus Investment Group acquired Singapore Zurich Life
Dubai Al Ahli Family Office acquired US media company theAudience
UAE and Saudi investors acquired $3 million stake in financial website compareit4me
The National Geographic article on Saudi Al Shiddi Family Office investments in Europe
Dubai investment firm Abraaj acquired majority stake in Latin American Urbano logistics
Saudi Investors of Riyad Valley acquired stake in California firm Solexel for $70 million
Dubai private equity firm Adenium invested $300 million in Japan solar project
Middle East investors to spend $15 billion per year in global real estate
UAE investment firm Lulu acquired London's Scotland Yard headquarters for $170 million
Qatar investor acquired 10% stake in Spanish retail firm for $1.1 billion
A consortium of Middle East investors acquired stake in Canadian food firm
Dubai venture capital firm Wamda launched $75 million fund and invested in 3 firms
Dubai family office Al Zamil and consortium invested $11 million in online logistics firm
Qatar investment firm Jaidah acquired Venice's Hotel For $117 million
Marka acquires chain restaurant Reem Al Bawadi
Abu Dhabi investment firm acquired stake at three Hong Kong hotels for $2.4 billion
Dubai venture capital firm MVI acquired stake in London startup Bidvine
Saudi firm and partners acquired stake at Canadian Wheat Board for $203 million
E-commerce business The Luxury Closet in Dubai secures huge funding from four major investors
Dubai Venture Capital firm Arzan VC announced its third investment of this year
Wamda Capital increases total $55.7 million for its venture fund
Qatar investors to acquire stake at Chinese petrochemical firm for $5 billion
Dubai private equity firm Abraaj raised $1.3 billion to invest in Africa
Two Bahrain investment firms acquired a network of US schools for $405 million
Dubai Arzan Wealth investors acquired Lenovo Enterprise building in US for $127 million
Dubai investment firm acquired 25% of Turkish ecommerce site for $100 million
UAE firm NMC acquired Spanish fertility clinic for $161 million
Dubai private equity firm Investra acquired Riverside Business Park UK for $19 million
Bahrain investors acquired Spanish ceramic firm Fritta
Dubai Centaur Holdings invested in South African mining firm
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Citizenship by Investment Conference 2015 in Dubai
Dubai investors of Abraaj acquired stake in Turkish mattress maker
Middle East investors of M1 Group close to buying London's Pepe Jeans
Middle East Investors Directory 2015 Released - 452 investment firms and 652 contacts listed
Qatar investment firm of Al Faisal acquired two hotels in New York and Rome
UAE investment firm acquired Scotland Yard HQ for $579 million
Kuwait private equity firm NBK Capital acquired 51% stake in Turkey advertising firm
Dubai investors of Delta Partners invested $10 million in CipherCloud
Saudi Bin Talal family office acquired 50% stake in Romanian engineering firm
Bahrain private equity firm raised $100 million for investment across the world
Dubai private equity firm Abraaj acquired stake in Thailand's Wine Connection Group
Two Bahrain investment firms acquired Florida software firm PRO Unlimited
Abu Dhabi private equity firm closed funds at over $1 billion capital
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Super Return MidEast 2014 for the 7th year
UAE investors Abraaj and Gulf Capital invested in South African and Egyptian firms
Arab investment firm EFG Hermes invested $208 million in French wind energy firm
Arab investors of KFIC acquired California's medical center building for $27 million
Bahrain investors of Investcorp acquired US properties for $250 million
Middle East investors subscribed to 36% of Hong Kong $1 billion Sukuk
Bahrain investors of GFH acquired properties in the US worth $75 million
Qatar investors to buy InterContinental Paris Le Grand for $442 million
Nasr El Hage Jr and family offices has big plans for US real estate in DC
UAE family office to finance $120 million hotel project in Antigua
Middle East investors to spend $180 billion in global real estate over next decade
Middle East Investors acquired Australian Patinack Farm for $100 million
Katara Hospitaly acquired five luxury European hotels
GFH Capital acquires American curriculum private school for $34 million
Fajr Capital and Dubai family office consortium acquired NPS for more than $500 million
Qatar investment firm Al Mirqab acquired UK Heritage Oil for $1.6 billion
Middle East private equity firm Foursan invested in 3 new firms
Bahrain investment firm acquired US firm Totes Isotoner
Dubai firm acquires land in Texas for commercial and residential project
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Citizenship by Investment & International Residence Conference
Silicon Valley VC firm seeks Middle East investors for $100 million fund
Berlusconi family seeking Middle East investor for AC Milan
Saudi and Bahrain investors acquired Byrne for $160 million
Middle East investors account for 30% of European hotel investments
Arlington family office consortium invested $450 million in UK student accommodation
The oldest surviving bank in the world selling stake to Qatar investors
Middle East investors eye Italy's $8 billion jewelry industry
Qatar investment firm Al Faisal Holding acquired Miami hotel for $213 million
Middle East Investors Directory Major Update - 469 investment firms and 570 contacts listed
Middle East investor eye National Basketball Association franchises
Middle East investors buying farmland in Canada, US and Mexico
Dubai Angel Investor Fadi Ghandour launched a new VC fund with IFC
Dubai angel investors Bolurfrushan and Kenny launched a new VC firm
Saudi investors of Alkhabeer acquired stake in Express Group
Bahrain investment firm acquires US real estate assets valued at $250 million
Abu Sheika Group acquires 50% of UK-based BR Pharmaceuticals
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Super Return MidEast 2013 for the 6th year
Dubai and Saudi venture capital firms invested $1.3 million in GlamBox
Abu Dhabi fund buys 31 Accor hotels in Australia for $740 million
Middle East investors drive European commercial property market
iMENA Holdings invested $8 million in an online food ordering platform
Saudi investors of Alkhabeer acquired real estate in Houston
Middle East investors majority financiers of the $86 million Hollywood movie
Middle East investors backing a new Hungarian airline
Abu Dhabi investment firm ADIC buys stake in Tokyo property
Middle East private equity firm Investcorp acquires UK crisp maker for $152 million
Kuwait investors acquired UK dining chain Little Chef for $23 million
BECO Capital and Dubai Angel Investors Invested in PropertyFinder
Dubai private equity firm listed its portfolio company on London exchange
Dubai's Al-Futtaim Family Office Plans $1 Billion Investments in Global Assets
MENA Venture Investments acquired stake in Wysada.com
Middle East Venture Partners invested in 3 new firms
MENA Infrastructure Fund acquired 20% of Sohar Power Company
BECO Capital and Dubai angel investors invested $1 million in TravelerVIP.com
Saudi family office acquired Four Seasons Toronto for $200 million
Saudi private equity firm invested $45 million in 10 global companies
Bahrain's Investcorp acquires Scandinavia's luxury retailer for $140 million
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of the Global Citizenship Conference Dubai
Link Online acquires web portal Arabia.com
Kuwait Investors acquired land in Morocco for $53 million
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of the SuperReturn ME Conference 2012
Middle East Venture Partners invested in 4 new firms
Middle East Investors Directory Major Update - 426 investment firms and 731 contacts listed
Bahrain investor's summer acquisitions in Spain and US: $550 million
JPM, London fund invest $20 million in Dubai e-commerce firm
MENA Private Equity Confidence Survey - Report
Qatar investment firm acquires two hotels in Central London
Alkhabeer Capital to launch a $400 million fund
Saudi Aramco to invest up to $120 million in Europe
Qatari investor acquired London's luxury handbag firm for around $35 million
Qatar's Mayhoola investment acquired Valentino for $850 million
Egypt's Weather II Investments acquired stake in Canada gold miner for $493 million
Abu Dhabi and Qatar funds front-runners to acquire 42 Marriott hotels for $1 billion
Bahrain investment firm buys Austrian online firm for $178 million
Saudi investors Al-Tuwairqi rescued UK steel firm out of administration
Middle East family offices setting up and investing in Singapore
Dubai Investment firm Genero announced profit and three investments
Kuwaiti firm Dimah Capital acquired real estate in UK for $70 million
Middle East investors invested $175 million in a Russian power producer
After the New York acquisition, Kuwaiti investors acquired a $33 million building in UK
US Paladin Capital and Abu Dhabi Invest AD to launch $100 million fund
Bulgaria counting on Qatar investors for new Romania-Turkey highway
Middle Eastern investors acquired substantial farming property in Western Australia
Souq.com merges private shopping portal Sukar.com in its operations
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of the Private Equity International Dubai Event
Dubai-based Royal Investment Bank launched alternative investment service
Dubai private investors of Legatum acquired a building at DIFC
Kuwait investors acquired stake in Turkish bank for $350 million
UAE early stage investor Saffar Holding to exit its investment in Zawya
Takaful Emarat and Riyad Capital launched $5.3 million global equity investment fund
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of the ArabNet Digital Summit 2012
Abraaj Capital to acquire 50% stake in Dubai-based vouchers business The Entertainer
Abu Dhabi Finance House to acquire CAPM investment
Oman firm buys stakes in six Indian companies for $33 million
Dubai's Al Habtoor to acquire hotel in Budapest for $80 million
Abraaj Capital to buy part of US TransAtlantic Petroleum for $164 million
Dubai private equity firm and CVCI acquired stake in supermarket chain for $100 million
Abraaj Capital acquired UK fund Aureos Capital
Dubai's Souq.com invested $2.5 million in Run2sport.com
Bahrain Investors acquired stake in Turkish food producer for $100 million
Gulf Capital to buy stake in consulting firm for $27 million
How to sell your Middle Eastern media firm - 7 lessons from Flip Media acquisition
Publicis Groupe acquired Dubai-based digital agency Flip Media
Dubai conglomerate Al Habtoor eyes Paris, London hotel buys
UK fund acquired its third real estate asset to lure Middle East investors
Abu Dhabi's Qannas Investments to list on AIM and raise $50 million
Abu Dhabi Masdar Capital to launch a renewable energy fund with Japan's DBJ
Kuwait firm Alshaya acquired La Senza UK out of administration
Dubai film investors in $200 million deal with US firm Eternal Mind
Abu Dhabi firm Mubadala sells JBI unit to UK's Serco
Abu Dhabi firm Agthia acquires water company in Turkey
Saudi firm Almarai buys Argentina firm for $83 million
Saudi family office acquired $300 million stake in Twitter
Carlyle Group acquires 42% stake in Domino's Pizza MENA master franchise
Dubai listed firm Aramex acquired South African firm for $55 million
Abu Dhabi's Infinity Investments acquired stake in UK's biggest water company
Britain to raise capital from Middle East investors
Middle East e-commerce website MarkaVIP raised $5 million
Bahrain investment firm acquires three real estate assets in the US
Middle East Investors Directory Major Update - 406 investment firms and 836 contacts listed
Bahrain Middle East Bank and partners to launch a $50 million China fund
Oman State General Reserve Fund acquired Four Seasons Budapest hotel
Kuwait Finance House acquires logistic services center in Sweden for $70 million
Dubai's Medrar Financial acquired majority stake in Diamond Aircraft
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of the Middle East Investments Summit 2011
UAE investors second largest buyers of top properties in London
UAE private equity firm TNI successfully exits its investment in Depa
Egyptian VC firm Ideavelopers invests in group buying website
Abu Dhabi investment firm Mubadala helping Sony for EMI bid
Boeing calls on Middle East investors to fund deals
Middle East private equity funds seek strategic buyers - Reuters
HBT Ventures - a new tech investment firm in the Middle East
The next five years of MENA private equity - Report
Niagara Falls mayor heading to Dubai looking for investors
Bahrain investment firm acquires US kitchenware retailer Sur La Table
Qatar investment firm in talks to acquire UK's race track for $400 million
Abraaj Capital acquires $161 million Amundi's private equity platform
SEDCO Capital started operations with $3 billion asset portfolio
GCC investors return to the Manhattan real estate market
Oman Investment Fund to buy 5 percent of India's NCDEX stake
Abu Dhabi firm invests $2.5 million in two online gaming firms
Gulf Finance House subsidiary acquired Turkish bank for $75 million
Jabbar acquired remaining stake in Cobone.com from GBG to become the sole owner
Abu Dhabi's DB Masdar Clean Tech Fund led investment of $38 million in California firm
Qatari Diar purchases marina in North Eastern Spain
UAE private equity firm Gulf Capital and Amwal Al Khaleej exit their investment for $336 million
Real Estate still popular among UAE investors - Barclays report
Middle Eastern investors behind 20% of investments in prime central London real estate
Abu Dhabi Capital Management closed its private equity fund at $45 million
Qatar investment firm arranges $25 million of private equity for Indian company through the Carlyle Group
New York Times Deal Book feature on Dubai's health care fund
Bahrain firm sold BWA to Philadelphia investors for $300 million
Abu Dhabi fund an investor in the $1.1 billion lease of Chicago's parking meters
Bahrain investment firm acquired Los Angeles hotel for $40 million
Naspers acquired stake in Dubai-based classified website
Another startup incubator for the Middle East - now in Bahrain
Qatar Sports Investments acquired majority stake of Paris Saint-Germain
Shirish Saraf's Dubai private equity firm Samena Capital launches second fund targeting $700 million
Gulf Capital launched a credit fund targeting $250-$300 million
n3xtmarket.com launched - Advisory for MENA investors on purchase of secondary market shares
ADIA's Infinity Investments SA acquired stake in gas pipeline for $800 million
Abu Dhabi's Invest AD and Japan's SBI Holdings to invest $100 million in Turkish private equity
Saudi investors of Kingdom Holding invest $60 million in Glencore IPO
Ismaik's family office Marya acquired stake in German football club for $25 million
Saudi investors eye investment in German oil refinery
Qatar acquired stake in French leather goods manufacturer for $20 million
Bahrain investors of Arcapita acquired stake in US women's retail chain
Abu Dhabi investor in talks to buy stake in Norwegian gas firm
Kuwait investors acquired stake in Turkish retailer
Bahrain investor acquired British online booking firm for $49 million
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of the TMT Finance & Investment Middle East 2011
Bahrain investment firm in bidding war to acquire Jimmy Choo
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of the 3rd Latin America Mid-East Investors Forum 2011
Sheikh Butti Bin Suhail Al Maktoum's Royal Emirates acquired Getafe for $130 million
Middle East investors acquired troubled US software firm SCO Group
Investcorp makes three real estate acquisitions in the US worth $120 million
Saudi investors to boost Russian ties
London Chamber of Commerce mission seeks Saudi investors
New UAE Investment firm Genero launched its operations
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of the FCF German Industry Capital Markets Day
UAE investor helps launch Djibouti national carrier
Saudi investor Prince Alwaleed met advisor to Russian president
Qatari and Chinese investors in talks with Glencore about its IPO
Royal Group Abu Dhabi to invest $100 million in Chechnya
Saudi investors to start $16.9 billion bank in Egypt - Bloomberg
UAE investors of Tawazun Holding acquired 26% of International Golden Group
Gulf investors investing heavily in Philippines agriculture sector
Abu Dhabi's Alpha Investment sues Zynga for right over $12.87m shares deal
Indian Private Equity firm seeks to raise $2 billion from Gulf investors
London headquartered asset manager I2BF opened office in Dubai
UAE investor Mubadala to take full control of John Buck real estate venture
Two new private equity firms launched in Iraq and Oman
Credit Suisse raises $6.2 billion from Qatar and Saudi investors
Intel Acquires Egypt-based SySDSoft
Dubai firm acquired Italian fashion house Gianfranco Ferré
Dubai listed Aramex acquired Irish freight forwarder
Alqubaisi's Centurion Investment UAE acquired 40% of NMC group for $1 billion
DubaiBeat.com a media partner of the Middle East Alternative Investments Summit 2011
UAE's Crescent Investments entered into partnership with Russian power supplier
Kuwait investors acquired 80% of Turkish medical manufacturer
Middle Eastern buyers investing in UK’s most expensive real estate
Middle East Venture Partners announces 3 new investments
Mumtalakat and ADIA looking at new asset classes and regions
Shares of UK's Parkmead Group fluctuates as Middle Eastern investor reduced stake
Egyptian VC Sawari Ventures invests in two companies
Kuwait investors of KCIC acquired a Philippines construction firm
Middle East Investors Directory - January 2011 Update
Qatar investors acquired stake in Indian education firm
Accelerator Technology Holdings' IV Holdings and angel investors invested in an online payment platform
Kuwait investment firm invested $20 million in China Sewage Plant
Bahrain investors and a consortium invested $68 million in US software firm
Nexus Capital Abu Dhabi invested $100 million in Chinese lender
Dubai private equity firm acquires 51% stake in Technical Rubber
Abu Dhabi investment firm buys stake in Brazilian investment bank
Qatar company acquired London-based insurance tech firm RI3K
Mubadala GE Capital reaches $2 billion mark in commitments in first year
Qatar Holding acquired 9.1% of German construction firm for $527 million
Three Middle Eastern investors in discussions to buy NBA team Detroit Pistons
Investcorp hosts Dubai hedge funds conference
Middle East investors in $2.3 billion bidding war for UK food retailer
Dubai private equity firm TVM Capital MENA invested in UK clinic Bourn Hall
Abu Dhabi investment firm buys stake in Australian port
Bahrain investment firm acquired a London school for $28 million
Abu Dhabi Mubadala to invest $100 million in Russian fund manager
Qatar investment firm acquires 28% stake in India’s exhibitions organizer
Saudi investor acquired stake in GM for $500 million
Saudi investors to buy Paris Crillon hotel for $350 million
Abu Dhabi investment firm to acquire 20% of NYSE-listed AerCap for $380 million
Bahrain private equity firm acquired stake in a food & catering company
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of CFO Strategies Mideast Forum
Middle Eastern investor bought Monaco flat for $336 million
Dubai firm and partners got approval to acquire Nigeria telecom for $2.5 billion
Middle Eastern investor acquired property in UK's Hampshire for $14 million
Dubai firm acquired UK Alpha Flight Group for $158 million
Qatar investment firm acquired stake in Brazil bank for $2.7 billion
ex-DIC manager invests venture capital in three companies
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Super Return ME 2010 for the 3rd year
Dubai investment firm acquires Middle East franchise of Fitness First
Middle East private equity fund received investment from IFC, EIB and Proparco
Abu Dhabi investor interested to acquire a stake in Russia's ski resort
Islamic private equity firms encouraged to revisit their business model
Baharin investor to invest $50 million in Turkey's Tiryaki Agro
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of Middle East Investments Summit 2010
Abraaj Capital plans two 'sizeable' buyouts by end of 2010
Qatari and UK investment firms jointly acquired stake in MHG
Dubai private equity firm invested in UK's clean energy company
Dubai Angel Investor Fadi Ghandour interview on TechCrunch
Dubai firm acquired Singapore's Design Studio for $80 million
Sahara International Ventures acquired majority stake in an ISP
Dubai firm to buy UK food chain for $139 million
Middle East investors show interest in Chicago airport rail investment
Kuwait private equity firm invested $20 million in Metito Utilities
MerchantBridge invests $20 million in Monaco Luxury Hotels & Resorts
Dubai-based private equity firm acquired 10% stake in Northbridge Industrial Services
Abraaj Capital investing $700 million in small and medium sized firms
UK-based property investment fund sets up base in Dubai
Middle East investor group and a consortium acquired Miramax for $650 million
Bahrain-based Investcorp acquired US Legal Services Firm
Middle East investors considering a strategic investment in BP
Abu Dhabi Investors and Tesla Motors IPO
GCC and Middle East Investors Winners of World Finance Awards
OPIC approved $455 million for five MENA private equity funds
Saudi's Jadwa Investment and CIT acquired London King’s Reach Tower for $90 million
UK real estate property attracts Middle eastern investors - FT
Abu Dhabi investment firm acquired 4.99% stake in UniCredit worth $2.3 billion
Al Bashayer Investment Company starts its operations in Abu Dhabi
Saudi investment firm to acquire 20% stake in Indian infrastructure company
Dubai private equity firm acquired stake in a healthcare firm for $272 million
Barwa Real Estate acquired London Project for $370 million
Tharawat to launch $50-$60 million Saudi private equity real estate fund
Middle East Investors Directory Major Update - 337 investment firms and 823 contacts listed
Dubai private equity firm bought up $655 million debt of a stalled Omani real estate project
Libyan investment firm acquired stake in Pearson publishing for $324 million
Bahrain venture capital firm invested in a furniture manufacturing firm
Kuwait private equity firm acquired 30% stake in Turkey hospital chain
Savills Middle Eastern investor acquired property in London for $52 million
Middle Eastern investor acquired stake in Singaporean firm for $77 million
GCC's wealthy individuals most actively involved in their portfolio - Report
DubaiBeat.com an official partner of the Project Finance Forum
London-based Investment firm in Iraq private equity deal worth $200 million
Qatar sovereign wealth fund the largest spender of 2009
Bahrain's sovereign wealth fund eyes global assets
Two UAE residents buy London properties worth $29 million
Kuwaiti investors acquired stake in a chemicals firm for $50 million
Dice Holdings acquired Dubai-based job site for up to $9 million
Saudi Investment house acquired enterprise IT firm STME
Qatar Holdings acquired UK luxury retailer Harrods for $2.2 billion
Bahrain-based investment firm acquired retail property in Texas
Former director of Abraaj launched an investment firm in Dubai
Al Masah to launch $500 million MENA fund this quarter
Arcapita to build fund management business to complement private equity
National Bank of Abu Dhabi launched aviation investment fund with DVB Bank
Oman Investment Fund acquired 12.6% stake in Vietnamese firm for $42 million
DubaiBeat.com the official regional private equity portal of Latin America MidEast Investors Forum
Qatari Diar co-invests $150 million in Cyprus leisure complex
EuroMena Fund co-invested $8.5 million in Egyptian holding group
Abu Dhabi investment firm TNI UAE raising $1 billion for MENA fund
Bahrain investors bought $20 million stake in IT consultancy firm
Qatari Diar acquired 5% stake in Veolia Environnement for $874 million
Societe Generale Private Banking expands Middle East team
Qatar investment firm acquired 40% stake in Intercat
Iranian investors group to buy Daewoo Electronics for $540 million
Siraj and Rasmala announced funds targeting Saudi Arabia
London and Moscow hedge funds launching PE funds targetting Middle East investors
DubaiBeat.com the official regional private equity portal of Outlook Saudi Arabia
Abu Dhabi investment firm Mubadala to develop luxury resort in Maldives
Qatar investors bought 40% stake in Fairmont Raffles for $847 million
Qatar investors offering to invest $1 billion in the world's third-biggest shipping group
Dubai's fund of funds posted 41% return
The Carlyle Group's Mena Fund makes first investment in GCC
Qatar investors acquired 50% stake in a Seychelles luxury resort
Triago helps Saudi private equity firm Amwal AlKhaleej raise part of $500 million fund
Middle East Investors Directory Major Update - 238 investment firms listed
Dubai Investments to take its Private Equity arm public
Two Gulf-based investment firms announcing profit for 2009
Shuaa Capital acquired land in Jeddah
Alef Capital launched Alef MENA Value Fund
Emirates NBD launched Emirates Mena Fixed Income Fund
UAE Investors acquired 9% stake in a NYC merchant bank
Dubai-based investment firm launched its $54 million fund
Johannesburg-based investment firm on Middle East road show
Middle Eastern private equity firm acquired 30% of IrisGuard
DubaiBeat.com an official media partner of PEI Middle East Forum
Middle Eastern investors diversify beyond the region
Abu Dhabi Invest Ad raising $400 million private equity fund
EFG Hermes launched $300 million Syrian private equity fund
Gulf Capital closes its latest fund at $533 million
News Corporation acquired 9.09% stake in Rotana Media for $70 million
Abu Dhabi investors acquired 75.1% stake in Greek Skaramangas shipyards
Citadel Capital acquired 49% stake in Sheltam Railways Company
Al Rajhi Capital and Arcapita launched $500 million Gulf real estate fund
QInvest bought 25% of Indian financial advisory firm for $54 million
Gulf investors to boost hedge fund assets - Bloomberg
TVM Capital launched $40 million healthcare venture fund in Dubai
Dubai investment firm acquired stake in California tech company
Abu Dhabi Investors acquired 15% stake at Gatwick airport
131 UAE private equity firms have $34 billion in capital
Dubai's Istithmar to sell ISS - asking for $700 million
Qatar royal investor buys hotel in Turkey for $15 million
State of Venture Capital in the Middle East
Middle East Investors Directory Major Update - 562 listed investors
Dubai's Habtoor family office group to buy Hotels in Europe
A Chinese investment bank setting up a $250 million fund for Dubai
Qatar's investment firm acquired %71.3 of a Plastic company
Four interviews with Middle Eastern private equity investors
Bahrain-based Arcapita Bank sold its US sports gear maker
Saudi businessman Laith Pharaon acquires 10% of Six Senses resort
HSBC Launched $100 million SME fund in the UAE
Gulfmena launches its hedge fund in Dubai
Bahrain Investors invested $35 million in Texas CSIdentity
Abu Dhabi buys 10% stake in Ultimate Fighting Championship
ADIA Managing Director talks about their firm in an 11-pages long interview
Kuwait Investors in a Chicago real estate deal worth $242 million
Jadwa Investment Saudi acquired stake in a beverage company
PepsiCo Joint Venture Acquires Egyptian Dairy and Juice Company
Saudi family office Novaar invests in Russian state entity
Foursan Group launched its second fund - $100 million already committed
Morgan Stanley research report on Dubai debts
Saudi firm acquired a Greek marble factory
Abu Dhabi investors sold their Bangladesh telecom stake
Abu Dhabi investors acquired 10.8% of Hyatt Hotels
Middle East private equity firms have $11-$13 billion to invest
Kuwait Investment Authority invested $30-$40 billion abroad since crisis
DubaiBeat.com a select content provider to Reuters web-TV service
Egypt's Beltone and Pioneers to form the largest Middle East investment bank
A Kuwaiti conglomerate LP suing private equity firm Carlyle Group
Dubai World and the future of investment from the Middle East
Dubai's largest private equity firm venturing into venture capital
Dubai PE firm raised $375 million for real estate and small business funding
Middle East Investors Directory Updated - 31% additional data
Abu Dhabi fund invested $75 million in Turkey's logistics firm
Dubai-based private equity firm Saffar launching a PE fund
Jordan Dubai Capital signed MoU with Kazakhstan sovereign wealth fund
Irish oil and gas firm acquired by Emirates National Oil Company
Japan seeks investment from UAE sovereign wealth funds
Al Ain International Group's Abu Dhabi MAR to invest in German shipbuilding firm
Presentation - New Insights into Sovereign Wealth Funds
Latin American Funds Look To Middle East For New Investors
UAE private equity firm setting up a new $2 billion fund
Middle East investors investing $4.6 billion in Scotland
Abu Dhabi invested in California-based private jet firm
Alnoor Holdings Qatar launched $200 million film fund
Presentation - How quickly can the GCC emerge from the slowdown
Abu Dhabi investment firm plans $1 billion acquisitions - WSJ
Silicon Valley of Dubai to set up its Venture Capital fund
Presentation - Deal Flow and Dry Powder in the Region
Abu Dhabi investment firm launches $400 million private equity fund
Presentation - Global Developments and Regional Prospects for Markets, Businesses and Private Equity
Abu Dhabi invested in Vevo, the US-based media company
Egypt investors acquired stake in UK gold miner company for $3.1 million
UAE telecom firm acquired 16.6% stake in a French software company
Abu Dhabi Investors invested $328 million in Brazil entity of Santander
DubaiBeat.com an official media partner of Super Return Summit
UAE investor to buy a French fashion house
GrowthGate acquired 30% of an animation firm
43% of overseas investments in UK's commercial real estate came from Middle Eastern investors
Middle East investors Amara Dhari acquired 17 percent of UK market Plus for $8 million
Dubai-based Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) announced new investors
DubaiBeat Investors Directory Updated - Ramadan offer extended
Libyan sovereign wealth fund to acquire Canadian company
Saudi Investors acquired stake in Italian ceramic company
D. E. Shaw, the world's 4th largest hedge fund, enters Dubai
Big news: BNP Lanching $300 million Gulf Private Equity Fund
New $150m Private Equity Fund Launched in Gulf by TNI UAE & Kamco
Qatar investors to invest in marine transportation by launching new PE fund
Abu Dhabi Investors to Buy Singapore's Chipmaker for $1.8 billion
Kuwait Investment Authority to keep Citigroup, Merrill Lynch stakes
News Corp in talk to buy 20% of Saudi's Rotana Media for $250-$350 million
Qatar investors launched Tajikistan luxury real estate project for $150 million
Qatar investors rescue Canary Wharf owner
Abu Dhabi Investor bought English Premier League Club
Maktoob Revenue from 2001 to 2005 - Going from $0.9 to $3.5 million
Yahoo Acquired Middle East Internet Company Maktoob.com for $164 million
Gulf News article on Private Equity status in the region
Qatar Investment Authority mulls Poland shipyard takeover
Qatar investors to buy 10% of Porsche and 17% of VW for $10 billion
Jordanian online firm d1g.com closes first round of financing
Abu Dhabi subsidiary firm buys Dutch oil firm for $404 million
Dubai private equity director's article on investing in real estate in MENA
Abu Dhabi Investors fund to invest in European real estate
Aabar Investments and Austrian firm establishing joint investment company
Abu Dhabi Investors and Indian Conglomerate in Africa telecom venture
Kuwait investors acquiring additional stake in South Africa estate for $1.2 million
London-listed MENA PE firm cash rich and ready to invest
Cisco launched Cisco Capital Dubai at DIFC
Showtime Arabia and Orbit merger: the investment companies involved
Jafcco receives $45m financing facility
CEO Middle East Interviews Gulf Capital CEO
IFC Investing $14 million in Dubai-based EdCap
Invest AD attracted $100 million for its UAE fund
Citadel Capital acquired the Nile Company for Food Industries
Mawarid Finance In Acquisition and Financing Mood
MENA Infrastructure Fund acquires stake in UPC for $26.5 million
Presentation - Implications of a PE/VC investment on a company
Middle East Business of a Giant Pharma Acquired for $23.2 million
Silicon Valley company acquired by Arabic language specialist Sakhr Software
Abu Dhabi groups ANC Holdings and Flag Holdings acquired 51% stake in Atlantis and Ski Dubai Contractor
Dubai private equity firm invests $7 million in a technology group
Insightful Presentation on state of Private Equity in the Mideast
Draft Notes from DIFC Private Equity Seminar
Free Private Equity Seminar in Dubai
Abu Dhabi Buys 70% of a global industrial services company
DUBAL investing in Brazil: buying 19% of Vale's refinery
Egyptian holding Acquires 35% of Italian clothing firm for $35 million
Carlyle Raises MENA and Dubai Private Equity Fund at $500 million
How ADIA, Abu Dhabi wealth fund, is investing its money
Middle East Investors to participate in an Alternative Energy forum in Dubai
Abu Dhabi Buys Canadian Chemicals Company for $2.3 billion
Intel Capital Invests in Three UAE Companies
Dubai PE Firm Acquiring 51% stake in Australian Firm
Investcorp announcing $511m loss but maintaining $1.5bn of liquidity
A great presentation from the recent conference in Dubai
Middle East VC Firm Invests in a Jordan-based Media Company
Quick Notes from Latin American Mid-East Forum
The Story of a Latin American PE Firm
Abu Dhabi fund to finance 100 SME this year
Sovereign-wealth Funds at Davos - The Wall Street Journal Preview
Latin American Mid-East Investors Forum - Brochure
Kuwaiti telecom firm acquires mobile retailer for $5.6 million
“Latin American Mid-East Investors Forum” in Dubai – Free for Gulf-based investors
DubaiBeat.com an official supporting organization of “The Latin American Mid-East Investors Forum”
UAE PE firm acquired stake in an oil & gas private firm for $25 million
The UK publicly traded company acquired Abu Dhabi firm for $19 million
The Economist Conference in Dubai - Tomorrow
Rasmala announces first closing of their fund: $120m of $350m committed
An event by the “Economist Conferences” next week in Dubai
Qatar National Hotels to buy an un-named hotel chain for $275 million
Interview with Ithmar Capital Co-founder; Khaldoun Haj Hasan
A $350 million end of the year acquisition by Abu Dhabi
NBD Sana raises US$170 million for Middle East buyout fund
New York Times reports: ADIA a casualty of Madoff
UAE in top 10 countries looking for information on Bernard Madoff
"Hedge Fund Manager" Special Report about Dubai
National Bank of Abu Dhabi and UK Private Equity Group Launching a Fund
Middle East PE firm invests in the best counter-cyclical business: debt management
Private equity investment in the Middle East to increase - significantly!
Investing in the $20b soccer industry with Middle East money
Seera concludes $200m acquisition of BWA
Presentation - Chief Economist of Saudi's Jadwa Investment
Abu Dhabi firm buys AIG's Private Bank ($254 million)
Presentation - Istithmar World's Chief Investment Officer
Unicorn Buys the Oldest Foreign Exchange House in the GCC
Leaders in Dubai - video from last year
DubaiBeat Interviews Google’s VP of Search Products & User Experience, Marissa Mayer
Interview with Dave Sifry, Serial Entrepreneur (Founder of Technorati)
“Leaders in Dubai” Business Forum; next week … in Dubai
Dubai WEF Summit - Full Text of Dubai Ruler's Speech
Agility Acquired Baisui Logistics for $50 million
Dubai Summit on the Global Agenda – Interesting Notes (3)
Official Website of the World Economic Forum Linked to DubaiBeat.com Coverage
Dubai Summit on the Global Agenda – Interesting Notes (2)
Interview with Director of ITS, Dr. Daniel Sperling
A New Firm Appears in the Middle East PE Scene
Dubai Summit on the Global Agenda – Interesting Notes (1)
Interview with Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Jim Fruchterman
Interview with Journalism Professor and Blogger, Jeff Jarvis
Davos in Dubai – this weekend
Facebook CFO in Dubai for fundraising - reports
Jack Perkowski's Presentation at Super Return Middle East 2008
GrowthGate acquired stake in a $100m revenue firm
From a $550 Ad to $475m Annual Sales
KKR Enters the Middle East - with Lehman MD as First Hire
Opening in Dubai instead of Los Angeles
Dubai Listed Company Acquiring an Engineering Services Firm
A Dubai-based Conglomerate Acquiring a Dubai-based Tech Company
The $11m US Public Company that is based in Dubai’s Jebel Ali
The Kuwait/Dubai Listed Company Acquires a Canadian Firm
The $3.2b Egyptian Investment Bank Buying a Tenth of $61m British Bank
Dubai PE Firm Acquires Stake in Turkish Yacht Maker
BNP Paribas in Saudi Asset Management Market
Dubai Preferred Destination #6 for Workers across the Globe
Dubai-based Private Equity Firm Rings NASDAQ Opening Bell
Iranian investor acquired former Tehran InterContinential Hotel for $130 million
Viceroy Fund and Middle East Entrepreneurs
FT and IHT Announced Middle East Editions – almost same day!
World Economic Forum - Middle East Summit
World Economic Forum Coming to Dubai
Michael Dell in Dubai
Al-Futtaim to buy Singapore's Robinson for $374 million
World's Richest-Ever Marathon Held in Dubai
Sheikh Mohammad's Commentary on Wall Street Journal
Five Questions with Financial Times Chief Columnist, John Gapper
Freakonomics writer on the “pleasure of visiting Dubai”
Financial Times Chief Columnist: I Admire Dubai
UK media firm acquired Dubai-based business portal for $24 million
MTV Enters the Middle East
Low-cost Airlines in the Middle East
Justin Timberlake in Abu Dhabi
Warner Bros. Enters the Middle East
Internal Memo of NASDAQ CEO on Dubai Deal
Dubai to own 20% of NASDAQ, 30% of LSE
Dubai Businessman Spent $215,000 in London Nightclub
Google Maps comes to the Middle East - UAE is live
Dubai is 'Disneyland for Adults' - The Arizona Republic
Advice to US Companies: Don't Wait Too Long
Dubai enters Vegas
"Rising Gulf" - Newsweek's Special Report
Dubai won the Barneys bidding war
Dubai "won't overpay for assets" - Barneys deal near collapse
Middle East Investors Buying Into New York - The New York Sun
Dubai Company to acquire $1.75m Space Camp license
Five Questions with Booking.com Manager, Sabrina Costermans
$2.4 Million Ice Lounge Opens in Dubai
Dubai buys Queen Elizabeth 2 for $100m
Five Questions with PR Newswire EMEA CEO, Lisa Ashworth
Time Out New York wonders about Burj Dubai
Art and Antiques Business in the Middle East
Robert Murdoch enters the Middle East newspaper business
The Magic of Middle Eastern Airlines
Dubai firm to buy Barneys New York for $950 million
Good to hear about new entrants - what about established players?
Special Guests at the Elysee Palace
PR Newswire to launch Middle East operations - DubaiBeat.com reveals
"Schools, Students Flock to Dubai", says Wall Street Journal
Standard Chartered to move 50-100 jobs to Dubai from London
GE division bought a Saudi firm - No! The other way round!
GCC millionaires = millionaires of India and China combined
Davos - The Middle East Version
Dubai the 'next Silicon Valley' - eBay Vice President
Cirque du soleil coming to Dubai - permanently!
"Surprising Dubai" - BusinessWeek
EMEA is so passé! Go MENA!
Five Questions with Jaxtr Co-Founder Touraj Parang
Priceline.com's Subsidiary Opens Office in Dubai
Getting 25% market share
Craigslist Arrived in Dubai
Morgan Stanley Chief Economist writes about his visit to Dubai
CNN Interviews National Geographic Author on Dubai
Dubai on the cover of National Geographic
Two-employees office of Brocade in the Middle East
Holiday Autos Middle East
Segway in the Middle East
Cisco's CEO on sales growth in the Middle East

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