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||  Aabar Investments and Austrian firm establishing joint investment company

AbuDhabiInvestorsAbaarAustria.jpgAabar Investments, one of the investment firms from Abu Dhabi, and the Austrian based Berndorf AG have agreed to establish a joint investment company, ABAG Aktiengesellschaft, incorporated in Austria.

Aabar Abu Dhabi investors and Berndorf intend to use ABAG as their joint venture vehicle to earn long-term returns as substantial investors in medium-sized, internationally orientated technology based companies as well as a holder of real estate portfolios in Europe.

Their joint fund currently has $213 million. (Aabar Abu Dhabi investors will hold two-thirds and Berndorf one-third of the share capital of ABAG. In addition, Berndorf will provide management services to ABAG.)

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