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|| UAE telecom firm acquired 16.6% stake in a French software company

uae-investors-france.jpgEtisalat, the UAE-based global telecom firm, has announced that it has acquired a 16.6% stake in SoftAtHome, a French software provider of Digital Home stuff.

Their Digital Home idea is combining a lot of applications. (Among the services offered by the Digital Home, customers can access personal digital content stored in their home from any mobile phone, PC or TV; locate on a map on their TV the location of the person who is calling them; remotely record TV programming on their PVR when traveling; navigate in 3D through recommended programs on a TV based on their personal profile; purchase and download applications of their choices on their TV; start watching a movie on their mobile and finish it on their TV; manage and monitor home settings or watch their favorite Internet TV channels on their TV.)

SoftAtHome is headquartered in France with development and sales teams in France and Belgium.

Their full press release follows:

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