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|| Qatar Investment Authority mulls Poland shipyard takeover

qatarinvestmentauthority polandOne day they buy stakes in Porsche and Volkswagen and the next day in the Poland shipping industry. That's how Qatar investors deal in Europe these days.

It started back in May when Poland announced that they had sold two shipyards, Szczecin and Gdynia, to the Qatari investment bank, QInvest, for $123 million (although QInvest insisted it was only an adviser on the deal). But the QInvest investors failed to meet an August 17 payment deadline for the takeover.

Now the mighty Qatar Investment Authority has weighed in, sending an official letter "concerning the launch of moves that could lead the authority to take over the investors’ commitments to the shipyards". Follow the news here or download our directory for list of investors from Qatar and Middle East.

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