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|| Triago helps Saudi private equity firm Amwal AlKhaleej raise part of $500 million fund

triago-amwal.jpgTriago, a company that raises money for private equity investors, will help Saudi private equity firm Amwal AlKhaleej raise part of the $500 million it’s targeting for a third buyout fund.

Amwal’s new fund will be introduced in April and will invest mainly in growth capital in the Middle East and North Africa region. It is likely to have a life of 10 years with an extension option of another two and target returns of 20 percent to 25 percent. (Alwal AlKhaleej was recently in the news because of suing Abdullah brothers of Damas for $22 million.)

Amwal Al Khaleej Saudi private equity is listed in the Middle East Investors Directory with the code EM05.

More details from their full release follows

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