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|| How ADIA, Abu Dhabi wealth fund, is investing its money

Adia InvestmentsWhen you have hundreds of billions of dollars in assets, the way you are investing it is everybody’s guess. For ADIA, the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, we have a clue:

According to an article in Emirates Business, this is how ADIA’s Abu Dhabi investors are investing their money: “Recent reports show that 50-60 per cent are in equities, with 14 per cent of this in emerging markets' equity. About 20-25 per cent are in fixed income; five-eight per cent in real estate, five-10 per cent in private equity and five-10 per cent in alternatives.”

The whole article titled “Wealth funds in the UAE” worth a look at to review how Dubai Investors and Abu Dhabi Investors are investing their money.

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