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 Viceroy Fund and Middle East Entrepreneurs

Everyone is talking about Silverjet, the British business-only airline flying between London, New York and Dubai, suspending operations (and asking customers to contact their credit card company for information on obtaining refunds!) But entrepreneurial finance players in the Middle East do like to know more about the US/UAE based fund that Silverjet failed to get investment from: “Viceroy Holdings”

FT is saying they are registered in the Caribbean island of Nevis, affiliated with Viceroy Fund. And that Viceroy Fund is an international luxury brand development fund based in the US and in the UAE. Nothing more.

Viceroy Fund does have a website, a one-pager, at www.theviceroyfund.com. And one of their funds called “Viceroy Fund LP” had estimated assets of $4.25 million at February 2008 and $3.84 million at August 2007 respectively; according to CASAM CISDM hedge fund performance database. But let’s see if we can have a bit more information about their fund. We are waiting for their reply.

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