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|| Dubai-based Royal Investment Bank launched alternative investment service

royalbank.jpgRoyal Investment Bank, a Dubai-based investment advisory firm, announced today the launch of its alternative investment service.

Royal Investment Bank is based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). They have also signed an investment marketing & capital raising agreement with Arcstone Capital to provide MENA fund raising assistance for Arcstone’s "Passage To India" Fund.

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More details follows:

Royal Investment Bank Limited today announced the completed formation of its alternative investment advisory service aimed at Middle Eastern investors who are looking for investment products that offer the potential for significant returns but that have yet to be introduced to the regional investment community.

Based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), Royal Investment Bank Limited has opened its doors to Middle Eastern investors who are searching for investment opportunities that have generated exceptional returns over the past three to five years. Explaining the new service in context, Mohamed Ahmadi, CEO of Royal Investment Bank Limited, stated that the way fund managers from around the world have approached the Middle Eastern market have directly conflicted with the way investment decisions are made in the region.

Mr Ahmadi added "This has meant that a significant number of active investors have invested in funds based only on market visibility, brand awareness, overall fund size and investment decisions made by personal or professional acquaintances. Not only has this meant that superior returns generated by other funds have been missed by regional investors, but those same investors have tended to invest in funds that have historically generated relatively sub-standard returns over the medium to long term. We believe that regional investors deserve a wider spectrum of investment vehicles offering returns that outperform the more popular funds as well as the markets."

Lars Pampel, Director of Investor Relations (Alternative Investments) at Royal Investment Bank Limited, elaborated that the purpose of the new service was to introduce attractive investment opportunities that have been overshadowed by larger investment vehicles and that have been overlooked by the Middle Eastern investors who are searching for better returns on their investments.

"Our free-of-charge service provides regional investors with much of the investment decision-making support that they require from one central location" he added. "This includes comprehensive due diligence & background checks, details of all interviews with related fund managers, all marketing material and a single point of contact for investors who would like more information without having to deal with significant time differences. In short, our goal is to provide regional investors with an accessible central source of attractive investment options that is both local and valuable."

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