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|| Ismaik's family office Marya acquired stake in German football club for $25 million

ismaik-1860.pngAbu Dhabi based investor Hasan Abdullah Ismaik, has acquired 49 per cent of German soccer club 1860 Munich for $25 million.

Ismaik, 34, through his investment firm Marya, is ready to invest total $47 million into the ailing second division club which were one of the founder members of the Bundesliga, but relegation in 2004 has left it with severe financial difficulties.

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Abu Dhabi - Jordan businessman Hasan Abdullah Mohamed Ismaik has successfully invested in traditional German football club TSV 1860 München. After buying 49% of the club's voting rights for a total sum of 18m Euros, German Football League DFL approved the business plan jointly filed by Ismaik and the club and granted the license for the 2011/12 season. Due to current restrictions set by the League, investors are only allowed to hold a maximum stake of 49% in professional football clubs.

With his investment, Ismaik safeguards the survival of the traditional Munich football club, which would have otherwise faced insolvency and lost its professional license.

TSV 1860 München - colloquially referred to as "Die Löwen" (The Lions) - was one of the founding members of the German national Bundesliga in 1963 and has played a total of 20 seasons in the top flight. After relegation from the Bundesliga following the 2003-04 season, the club currently plays in the second division of the Bundesliga.

"TSV 1860 has a great tradition and identity that ought to be preserved and supported," said Hasan Abdullah Mohamed Ismaik. "The club has enormous potential and a truly great and passionate fanbase. Together with management headed by President Dieter Schneider, I will do everything to bring 1860 back into the profit zone within the next season. Within two or three years, we want to be playing in the premier division of the Bundesliga again and even eventually compete internationally at some point in the future."

His investment in the Munich based football club reflects Ismaik's known passion for sports in general and football in particular. However, he also sees further business opportunities in Germany.

"TSV 1860 is just the beginning. I want to continue to invest in Germany. I am reviewing buying opportunities and am actively searching for new investments outside the field of sports. I will set up a fund of 200 million Euros soon. This fund will entirely focus on acquisitions and investments in Germany and will be managed from Munich," said Ismaik.

MARYA is a private Abu Dhabi based investment company chaired and owned by Hasan Abdullah Mohamed Ismaik. The group has a broad investment mandate and its interest extends to various sectors, including sports, design, construction, real estate, automotive, travel, energy and oil and gas. MARYA has an excellent management team with experience that spans the globe and incorporates training and experience from various countries around the world including the UK, the Middle East and the US. MARYA's existing investments are located across UAE, GCC, Europe and the US and the company is also evaluating potential opportunities in Asia. A relatively young organization with ambitious expansion plans, MARYA is a vibrant and dynamic organization with strong leadership by Ismaik.

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