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|| Warner Bros. Enters the Middle East

Warner Bros., the subsidiary of Time Warner, enters the Middle East. They have selected Abu Dhabi, Dubai’s neighbor, as their partner and are going to do a lot of stuff:

-- The creation of a theme park and hotel (planned for 2009, similar to the three Warner Bros theme parks in Australia, Spain and Germany)
-- Jointly owned multiplex cinemas (initially four)
-- A co-finance agreement for film production and videogames

According to Wikipedia, Warner Bros., founded in 1918, is the third-oldest American movie studio in continuous operation, after Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios, both founded in 1912. The company name honors the four founding Warner brothers, Harry Warner (1881–1958), Albert Warner (1883–1967), Sam Warner (1887–1927) and Jack L. Warner (1892–1978).

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