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|| Dubai to own 20% of NASDAQ, 30% of LSE

Borse Dubai, the holding company for stock exchanges of Dubai (DIFX and DFM), has announced a series of agreements with NASDAQ (the largest U.S. electronic stock market with 3,200 listed companies). According to these transactions, Borse Dubai becomes a 20% shareholder in NASDAQ and also purchases the stake of NASDAQ in London Stock Exchange.

It was a fierce fight turning into a marriage. Both firms were fighting hard against each other for quite a while to buy OMX, the holding company for Scandinavian stock exchanges. According to these deals, NASDAQ will now own OMX. (Also, like all marriages, a name change is involved: Dubai’s DIFX exchange is going to be re-named NASDAQ DIFX)

By the way, did you know that NASDAQ is by itself a listed company on NASDAQ? Dubai now owns 20% of NASDAQ, but you can also spend $36 and own 0.0000008% of it! ...

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