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|| Dubai Businessman Spent $215,000 in London Nightclub

BottleWhen you hear stories of successes, you are bound to hear stories of excesses as well. (Recent excess story: NASA allowing Google founders to use Moffett Field to park their jets).

The Register and ABC News are reporting an excess story of a Dubai-based businessman: in less than five hours, he spent approximately $215,000 in a London nightclub - Crystal Club. “It was near midnight when the mystery spender rolled up to the swanky British club, flanked by an entourage of eight women and nine men, and headed straight for the VIP area …. By the time the mystery guest put down his credit card at 4:24 a.m., the tab included 36 bottles of Cristal champagne, totalling nearly $26,000, and a methuselah of the same brand -- equivalent to eight regular bottles -- at more than $60,000.” ABC Reports.

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