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|| "Rising Gulf" - Newsweek's Special Report

The August 6th issue of Newsweek has a full special section called “Rising Gulf”, covering, in interesting details, the rise of Gulf countries as a power in the world: According to one of the articles, the GCC is already the world’s 16th largest economy and by the end of 2007 will packet $540 billion worth of oil money, more than the combined exports of Brazil, India, Poland and Turkey.

Two articles by Afshin Molavi, Fellow at the New America Foundation and a former Dubai-based correspondent for the Reuters are specially interesting: the opening article: “Rising Gulf” and an article titled “The CEO Sheik”, profile of Dubai’s ruler, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktum, whom he profiles as “ultramodern, apolitical and open for business”.

(Afshin had profiled Dubai on National Geographic before, which we covered here and here)

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