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|| Dubai Company to acquire $1.75m Space Camp license

An unnamed Dubai company has applied to acquire a $1.75 million license for builiding a Space Camp educational center in the Middle East, says Mike Kelly, vice president for licensing, U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

According to the Alabama paper running the story: "Dubai company's goals are for more than one Space Camp in the region, but that precise locations have not yet been decided. Negotiations for the Space Camp license are still continuing, and Kelly said he could not name the company now. He did say it was created by a family with ties to oil industry operations throughout the Middle East and would be an educational subsidiary of a larger company.

"Basic Space Camp licenses start at $1.25 million, Kelly said. That does not include simulators or equipment, but buys use of the Space Camp intellectual property, including the brand and trademarks, the training curriculum, periods of on-site consulting and support, and four weeks of training at Space Camp here."

Can you guess what is this unnamed Dubai company?

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