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|| Davos – The Middle East Version

Are you a fan of the World Economic Forum annual meetings in Davos, where all those big names in business and politics gather to discuss global issues? Well … its Middle East version (World Economic Forum on the Middle East 2007) has just started in Jordan – and is a great opportunity to see what’s going on in the Middle East.

At the moment, there is not much new insight available on their website (as session summaries are not yet published). But, for now, two great resources are available for those who are following the Middle East in more depth: (1) The Arab World Competitiveness Report 2007 which is a great in-depth review of Middle East competitiveness and (2) The Middle East@Risk Report which provides an assessment of the Middle East's vulnerability to global risks.

By the way, World Economic Forum is not obviously going to be held in Dubai any time soon. Qatar 2003, Egypt 2004, Jordan 2005, Egypt 2006, Jordan 2007 and they just announced 2008 would go again to Egypt. Guys, why not the UAE?

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